H.A.L.P. Home Automated Living Platform

Marco Vellinga, Hielke Fellinger, Ruben Homs, Lisanne Tilma, Jorga Vos

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    At ageing, there comes a certain point when people are no longer able to live independently in their own homes. With an ever increasing elderly population, this constitutes a significant and increasing burden for the health care expenses. The need for more cost effective solutions is evident.
    Research from H. van der Kloet (Hanze UAS) suggests that there is one main concern why people consider moving to an elderly home earlier than they actually need to; safety. There are many aspects to safety: self reliance, self confidence, indoor security and social security.
    With the elderly population becoming more technically aware, the opportunity of using technology to enable a longer independent life while maintaining or even enhancing quality of life, and thus to prevent rising health care expenses, is possible.
    With this in mind a Home Automated Living Platform (H.A.L.P.) was developed.
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    UitgeverijHanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen - Research Centre for Built Environment – NoorderRuimte
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    StatusPublished - 2013


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