Goed op weg met Groningse bushaltes: well on the way with bus stops in Groningen

Joël Ruchama

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This research was commissioned by the province of Groningen. The province of Groningen asked the question how the quality her bus stop data could be improved.

The province of Groningen is ultimately responsible for public transport. The public transport bureau is set up in 2005 to arrange bus transportation. The management of the bus stops, however, is in the hands of the regional and local authorities. The province manages the bus stops along the provincial highways The municipalities are responsible for the other bus stops in the province. The staff who manage the bus stops are called road authorities. Also on this domain the County has to do with laws and policies. The province of Groningen states in its strategic Information plan that it will focus on the quality of its information in the coming years. The different activities within the bus stop management provide different, complex information flows. The complexity has to do with the province that distributes the tasks through several departments and works together with several external partners in the chain.
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TitelResults Opening Up
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StatusPublished - 2014


  • openbaar vervoer
  • groningen (provincie)
  • bussen (vervoer)
  • opening up


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