Forward ever backward never, framer framed

Andrea Stultiens (Photographer)

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Ebifananyi 4, based on the Ham Mukasa Foundation Archive that HIPUganda digitised, has had several exhibition versions. This one puts a strong emphasis on the works produced by Ugandan artists and Dutch and Ugandan art students for the project. In this other exhibition creating an opportunity to explore Mukasa’s stories through various images and objects was the lead.

See this short film for thoughts on the translation of the title of Ham Mukasa’s book on the three Kings; Simuda Nyuma, and the Luganda word Ekifananyi by curator Robinah Nansubuga and Artist Nathan Omiel.

Participating artists in this exhibition are Achola Rosario, Eria Nsubuga, Fred Mutebi, Ian Mwesiga, Lwanga Emmanuel, Nathan Omiel, Papa Shabani, Sanaa Gateja and Violet Nantume. The Ugandan students followed Eria Nsubuga’s painting course at Uganda Christian University in Mukono, while the Dutch students were part of an elective I taught under the name ‘Illustrating (for) others’ at Academy Minerva in Groningen.
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StatusPublished - aug. 2015


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