Researching and modelling energy efficiency, sustainability and flexibility of biogas chains

Frank Pierie, Henri C. Moll, Wim van Gemert, René M.J. Benders

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Biogas can be seen as a flexible and storable energy carrier, capable of absorbing intermittent energy production and demand. However, the sustainability and efficiency of biogas production as a flexible energy provider is not fully understood. This research will focus on simulating biogas production within decentralised energy systems. Within these system several factors need to be taken into account, including, biomass availability, energy demand, energy production from other decentralised energy sources and factors influencing the biogas production process. The main goal of this PhD. research is to design and develop a method capable of integrating biomass availability, energy demand, biogas production, in a realistic dynamic geographical model, such that conclusions can be drawn on mainly the sustainability, and additionally on the efficiency, flexibility and economy of biogas production in the near and far future (2012 to 2050), within local decentralised smart energy grids. Furthermore. This research can help determining the best use of biogas in the near and far future.
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UitgeverijHanzehogeschool Groningen
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StatusPublished - 2012


  • biogas
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