Flexible biogas chain simulator

Frank Pierie, Madan Rajagopal, Wilco Wijbrandi

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Organic wastes like cooking-waste, farm-waste and manure have detrimental effect on the environment, health and hygiene of people. Within India there are possibilities to manage the available biomass in an efficient way, which can bring
environmental, health and economic benefits. Through anaerobic digestion, biomass can be converted into biogas and digestate, which can be used as renewable energy source and fertilizer respectively. However, there is a lack of knowledge on how to use the available biomass and, thus, its products in a beneficial way. This leads to the main question: How to fit biogas production
within the existing energy infrastructure of India? Our approach involves modelling biogas chains from production to consumption and then analyse several different options. Within the Flexigas project a flexible BioGas simulator is being created, which is capable of simulating biogas production and consumption process. The simulator takes into account the location and
availability of biomass, different biomass and biogas transport, anaerobic digesters, biogas upgraders and various cost involved in the biogas production process. A multi-touch User Interface is used for simulation control and result visualization. Results from the simulator shows how feasible it is to set up the biogas chains, its advantages and increases knowledge on effective biomass use.
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TitelFlexible biogas chain simulator
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StatusPublished - 2013
Evenement4th World Renewable Energy Technology Congress and Exhibition (WRETC) 2013 - Convention Centre - New Delhi City Centre (NDCC), New Delhi, India
Duur: 25 sep 201327 sep 2013
Congresnummer: 4th


Conference4th World Renewable Energy Technology Congress and Exhibition (WRETC) 2013
Verkorte titelWRETC 2013
StadNew Delhi
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  • energie
  • biogas
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