European bachelor physical activity and lifestyle (PAL)

Johan de Jong, Bart Dikkeboer, Carin Bruining

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Lifestyle related health problems are a tremendous burden for European societies that demands a shift towards prevention and a professional to guide this process. Therefore a new bachelor program PAL was developed. A consortium of seven universities from the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania and Great Britain developed a competence-based curriculum. Six semesters were developed: 1) Basic Program, 2) Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA), 3) Changing Behaviour, 4) Nutrition, 5) Policy & Entrepreneurship and 6) the Final Project. From 2012-2013, Changing Behaviour, HEPA and Nutrition were tested. Meanwhile, Portugal received full accreditation and Lithuania started the accreditation process. From September 2013, the program will start in Groningen/NL, Rio Maior/POR and Kaunas/LIT.
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UitgeverijHanzehogeschool Groningen
StatusPublished - 2013


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