Escape rooms as tools for climate change education: an exploration of initiatives

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In the last years we have observed a growing interest in the use of gamification approaches for climate change education. While most practices are related to digital gaming, there is a new trend which is still academically unexplored: escape rooms. The main objective of this paper is to serve as an initial exploratory study in this field by identifying and analysing climate change-related escape rooms. For that purpose we carried out a web search and a qualitative content analysis. A total of 17 initiatives are described and compared, unravelling their main audience, country of origin, topics, scenarios and objectives covered. The paper also highlights what escape rooms can offer to climate change education: experiential and immersive learning, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and a sense of collaboration and urgency.
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Pagina's (van-tot)1193-1206
TijdschriftEnvironmental Education Research
Nummer van het tijdschrift8
StatusPublished - 2 aug. 2020


  • duurzame energie
  • klimaatverandering
  • gamemificatie
  • games
  • innovaties
  • escape rooms
  • energietransitie


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