Entrepreneurship in the network economy

Hugo Velthuijsen, Frank Jan de Graaf

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The network economy typically signifies a notion from the information society where new products and services are developed by collaborating individuals and/or businesses organised in virtual networks. The network economy has important characteristics in common with Northern European governance models, which suggests a direction for developing workable governance models for businesses engaging in network economy activities. This resemblance presents a unique perspective on global economic development. Innovation can and should be combined with high ethical, social and environmental standards. This is illustrated by empirical data on Hidden Champions in Europe: middlesized companies that are dominant in their specific market niches. We suggest that the rise of the network economy could have far-reaching consequences for the way businesses should be organised and managed.
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TitelEnterprise grows in sustaining efficiency and effectiveness
Subtitelconference proceedings of 2009 International SME Development Forum
RedacteurenHenry Zhang, Ruimei Zhao
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UitgeverijOrient Academic Forum
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StatusPublished - okt. 2009
Evenement2009 International SME Development Forum - Beijing Union University, Beijing, China
Duur: 1 okt. 2009 → …


Conference2009 International SME Development Forum
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