Energyzing labour

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English version of the book 'Energieke Arbeid' published by the Centre of Applied Labour Market Research and Innovation (dutch abbreviation: KCA) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of applied labour market research at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. After an introduction by drs. Marian van Os (vice-president of the Executive Board of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen), the first chapter (by dr. Harm van Lieshout) takes a brief look back at the development of KCA over the past ten years. The second chapter (by dr. Louis Polstra) discusses the first of two lines of research of KCA: Healthy Ageing & Work. The third chapter (by dr. Harm van Lieshout) discusses the second line of research: The Labour Market in the EnergyPort Groningen Region. The book concluses with a brief epilogue by van Lieshout & Polstra.
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UitgeverijHanzehogeschool Groningen
Aantal pagina's88
StatusPublished - 2014


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    van Lieshout, H., & Polstra, L. (2014). Energyzing labour. Hanzehogeschool Groningen.