Energy storage label: a method for comparing storage systems over all ranges

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This report describes the creation and use of a database for energy storage technologies which was developed in conjunction with Netbeheer Nederland and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. This database can be used to make comparisons between a selection of storage technologies and will provide a method for ranking energy storage technology suitability based on the desired application requirements. In addition, this document describes the creation of the energy storage label which contains detailed characteristics for specific storage systems. The layout of the storage labels enables the analysis of different storage technologies in a comprehensive, understandable and comparative manner. A sampling of storage technology labels are stored in an excel spreadsheet and are also compiled in Appendix I of this report; the storage technologies represented here were found to be well suited to enable flexibility in energy supply and to potentially provide support for renewable energy integration [37] [36]. The data in the labels is presented on a series of graphs to allow comparisons of the technologies. Finally, the use and limitations of energy storage technologies are discussed. The results of this research can be used to support the Dutch enewable Energy Transition by providing important information regarding energy storage in both technically detailed and general terms. This information can be useful for energy market parties in order to analyze the role of storage in future energy scenarios and to develop appropriate strategies to ensure energy supply.
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