Emerging self-regulation initiatives to stimulate fair employment practices in the Netherlands?

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Paper presented in the workshop 'SMEs, CSR and employment relations in a global economy' at the USE 2015 Conference, Groningen, Oct 21-23 2015

European labour market integration has, unfortunately, also led to attempts at unfair competition on employment conditions s. Competitive pressures to lower labour costs can gradually lure to explore and (un)consciously cross the borders of fair competition into dubious to illegal practices. Next to workers who may not receive all the benefits they are entitled to, one other category of potential victims are ‘fair’ employers, as they may lose market share to ‘unfair’ employers that compete with lower prices based on unfair labour practices. State governance and legal prosecution are currently not able to effectively combat all such practices. In the Netherlands, in some problems apparently became severe enough that employers and other parties joined forces and developed self-regulation initiatives, such as a certification system. This paper explores this emerging field of practice. Section 2 presents an overview of a number of different emerging initatives in the Netherlands based on desk research, Section 3 explores one of those cases – from the mushroom -a bit more in depth based upon desk research and a number of interviews. Based upon this exploratory research, section 4 develops a conceptual framework that can be used to analyse them. Section 1 first discusses the underlying problem of unfair competition, and specifies the research question.
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StatusPublished - 21 okt. 2015
Evenement3rd Understanding Small Enterprises (USE) Conference 2015 - Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, Netherlands
Duur: 21 okt. 201523 okt. 2015
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Conference3rd Understanding Small Enterprises (USE) Conference 2015
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