Drivers of change and cluster dynamics

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The research explores energy clusters and their adaptations to drivers of changes using a Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) approach. CAS offers a descriptive analytical framework that helps generate insights into drivers of change and cluster developments. The pilot EnTranCE, a living lab cluster, in Energy Valley of the Netherlands has been studied using CAS framework to adapt the framework to meet the needs of investigating cluster developments. The presentation will present the conceptual framework and some of the insights genetated by the CAS approach on cluster development.
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StatusPublished - jun. 2012
EvenementLondon South Bank University (LSBU) Summer School 2012 - London South Bank University, London, United Kingdom
Duur: 19 jun. 201222 jun. 2012


OtherLondon South Bank University (LSBU) Summer School 2012
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