DiAgRaMs: selecting biomarkers for gut-permeability

Maaike Smelt

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Increased intestinal permeability is linked to both intestinal as well as peripheral
inflammatory disease. Contact between intestinal contents and the underlying immune system may account for excessive immune activation and local as well as systemic inflammation. Decreasing intestinal permeability using next-generation food products provides an attractive strategy to improve human health. However, to date, insight in biomarkers which reliably and reproducibly reflect intestinal permeability are lacking. Insight in these biomarkers provides a method to easily assess the effectivity of new healthimproving food products.
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StatusPublished - 19 dec. 2017
EvenementDiAgRaMs final symposium - HU, Utrecht, Netherlands
Duur: 19 dec. 201719 dec. 2017


ConferenceDiAgRaMs final symposium


  • flowcytometrie
  • lymfocyten
  • grabnulocyten
  • uithoudingsvermogen


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