Determinants and promotion of oral hygiene behaviour in the Caribbean and Nepal

Yvonne Buunk-Werkhoven, Arie Dijkstra, Pim Bink, Sarah van Zanten, Cees van der Schans

Onderzoeksoutput: ArticleAcademicpeer review


The purpose of this study was to identify predictors of oral hygiene behaviour (OHB) based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) among dental care seekers in two cultural different regions: the Caribbean (Aruba/Bonaire) and Nepal. In addition, measures of oral health knowledge (OHK) and the expected social outcomes of having healthy teeth (ESO) were investigated. The main effects of the predictors as well as their interactions with region (Caribbean vs. Nepal) were examined. The interaction term contributed significantly to the amount of explained variance. In the Caribbean, OHB was determined by Attitude and Social Norms, and in Nepal by Perceived Behaviour Control and ESO. On the basis of these findings, quite different oral health care interventions are called for in developing and underdeveloped countries.

Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)267-273
TijdschriftInternational Dental Journal
Nummer van het tijdschrift5
StatusPublished - 1 okt. 2011


  • mondzorg
  • gezondheidsgedrag
  • mondhygiëne
  • sociale waarden
  • west-indies


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