CSR Communication Conference V

Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: CSR/MVO Communicatie

Wim Elving (Editor)

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The 5th International CSR Communication Conference was hosted in Stockholm, by the Stockholm School of Economics in September 2019. Scholars and practitioners from all five continents were present at this great event. Alongside with around 60 academic presentations included in the proceedings, the program was set to introduce and discuss various trending topics in CSR and sustainability. The list of keynote and panelguests included several renowned authors in CSR and sustainability research, such as: Mats Alvesson, Annavon Bergen, Nils Brunsson, Itziar Castello, Michael Etter, Mikkel Flyverbom, Jean-Pascal Gond, Ellen Quigley,Dennis Schoeneborn, and Laura J. Spence. This ‘all-star cast’, together with a number of young scholars andestablished researchers in CSR who continue to express their loyalty to this conference, have once againconfirmed the importance of the event for the CSR communication research community.Five conferences later, studying communicational aspects of CSR has become firmly institutionalized and the field of CSR communication has been established. From the start of this biannual event, the conference has produced more than 300 papers on various CSR communication-related topics. An overview of the past conferences reflects the changing agenda of CSR communication research with several new themes and research approaches emerging. Starting with the instrumental perspective that was focused on strategic management of CSR communication, the research topics moved towards more relational views featuringengagement, relationships, digital environments and internal, employee-focused aspects. And lately, agraduate emergence of communicative constitutive perspectives, the role of talk and performativity in CSR isevident.Development of CSR communication filed and scholars’ participation over time has certainly been dynamic,with several voices driving the change from within, searching new paths to study CSR, stimulating participation of scholars and inviting alternative interpretations. This (positive) dynamic seems to be critical for moving the field forward (Verk, Golob, & Podnar, 2019). Proceedings of the 5th International CSR Communication Conference reflect some of the dynamics. They are divided into several sections that cover such topics as CSR engagement, talk and dialog; CSR reporting,perceptions and internal CSR perspectives; digital media and organizing, CSR across industries, NGOengagement, corporate irresponsibility; CSR and educational organizations, and communicative aspects ofsustainability.Thank you to all conference keynote speakers and panelists, as well as to all reviewers, presenters, discussantsand participants from academia and practice for sharing new thoughts and ideas and yet again contributing to the enrichment of CSR communication debate.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageCSR/MVO Communicatie
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StatusPublished - 18 sep. 2019
EvenementCSR Communication Conference - Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden
Duur: 17 sep. 201920 sep. 2019


ConferenceCSR Communication Conference
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