CSR Communication Conference, 2011: proceedings

Wim Elving (Editor), Friederike Schultz (Editor), Urša Golob (Editor), Anne Ellerup Nielsen (Editor), Christa Thomsen (Editor), Klement Podnar (Editor)

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Competitive and working papers as well as abstracts in these proceedings discuss recent academic insights and link academic research to the practice field in order to exchange knowledge on contexts and effects, potentials and challenges of CSR and communication, on best practices and newest developments. They give a variety of insights on CSR and communication from academia (communication, management, marketing science etc.) and the practice field (corporations, consultancies, associations).
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StatusPublished - 2011
EvenementCSR Communication conference 2011: The 1st international CSR Communication conference - University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duur: 26 okt. 201128 okt. 2011
Congresnummer: 1


ConferenceCSR Communication conference 2011


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