Community energy: a critical review of the literature

Tineke van der Schoor, Bert Scholtens

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We analyze the literature regarding community energy. We investigate the
appearance of studies in the literature and the geographical orientation of the case studies, as well as the actual journals where the articles are published. We relate the articles to the theoretical approaches that are being employed. We analyze keywords used by the authors in their study of community energy and reflect on the country specifics of the case studies. We conclude that the study of community energy is still in its infancy as there is little commonality in the terminology and key concepts used.
Further, we conclude that the theoretical underpinnings of studying community energy are in progress.
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StatusPublished - 29 feb 2016
EvenementDynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand (DEMAND) Conference 2016: what energy is for - the making and dynamics of demand - DEMAND Centre, Lancaster, United Kingdom
Duur: 13 apr 201615 apr 2016


ConferenceDynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand (DEMAND) Conference 2016
Verkorte titelDEMAND 2016
LandUnited Kingdom
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