Communicating what to who: learning from experience in new Europe: communicating European citizenship

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We might spend hours in designing new strategies of how to communicate European citizenship and it will not bring to us any satisfactory result, unless we look to the core of the issue, which is what has to be communicated and why. In thispaper I would like to draw parallels between the content of national citizenship and that of the European: are they the same or different? The other question is why national citizenship does not need strategies to be communicated? By asking these questions I call to focus again on the content of European citizenship and to suggest rethinking what is being communicated and whether this meets the expectations of European citizens. I also suggest that by studying examples of communication of European citizenship in New Europe is possible to learn not just successful strategies, but also about what the European citizenship could mean for European citizens.
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StatusPublished - 22 mrt. 2010
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EvenementUACES Research Conference “Communicating European Citizenship” 2010 - Lancaster House , London, United Kingdom
Duur: 22 mrt. 201022 mrt. 2010


ConferenceUACES Research Conference “Communicating European Citizenship” 2010
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