Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, Asia, and Europe with the Citizen Science Climate Scan Platform Promoting Nature-Based Solutions

Floris Boogaard (First author)

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There is a clear demand for a collaborative knowledge-sharing by online climate adaptation platforms that contribute to (inter)national knowledge exchange and raising awareness about climate change. Climate adaptation platforms (CAPs) can contain decision-support tools to facilitate the process of decision-making, and may include capacity building, networking, dissemination to assist planning and implementation of proven adaptation concepts such as Nature-based solutions (NBS) to mitigate floodings, drought, and heat stress. From 2014 over 6000 global climate adaptation projects have been mapped on an open source platform ClimateScan using citizen science. This chapter describes the potential of this climate adaption platform by illustrated case studies with mapped climate adaptation measures in Africa, Asia, and Europe. The case studies illustrate engagement and tangible results related to online platforms such as: the period of relevance of ClimateScan, inclusiveness and engagement of users in different stages and continents. Workshops in Indonesia illustrate the need for validation of needs from potential users before implementing CAPs. Analyzing projects in Africa showcase best management practices in water conservation and water demand management that are of interest in many other regions in the world facing drought. In Europe detailed analysis of over 3000 climate adaptation measures in relation to neighborhood typologies is inspiring urban planners and stormwater managers to design, plan, and implement climate resilient measures with more confidence. These three global examples illustrate that mapping, promoting, and sharing knowledge about implemented proven concepts is raising awareness, contribute to community-building, and accelerate climate action around the world.
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TitelHandbook of Climate Change Management
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StatusPublished - 21 jul 2021


  • watermanagement
  • klimaatadaptatie
  • natuurlijke oplossingen
  • burgerwetenschap
  • duurzaam drainagesysteem


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