Gebitstoestand en mondgezondheid van basisschoolkinderen

Katarina Jerkovic-Cosic, C. A. Bos, C. H. M. van Jaarsveld, Cees van der Schans

Onderzoeksoutput: ArticleAcademicpeer review


Last decennia much attention has been paid to improve the oral health of schoolchildren. The purpose of this study was to examine the present caries prevalence and the state of oral health of schoolchildren. Therefore 1.147 children from group 2 and group 8 of the primary school (6 and 12 years of age) in the province Drenthe were examined. Of the children 33% had caries and 13% had gingivitis. The highest percentages of caries were found in the low SES-group and among children that have education at schools for children with special needs. The study showed that these children brushed their teeth less often, they visited the dentist for the first time at an older age and they were eating many snacks. Children who had received an instruction in how to brush one's teeth, did not score better in the caries prevalence compared to children without previous instruction. Also the children whose parents had information about oral health, did not score better than the other children.

Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageCaries prevalence and oral health among schoolchildren
Originele taal-2Dutch
Pagina's (van-tot)358-362
TijdschriftNederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde
Nummer van het tijdschrift10
StatusPublished - 2005


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