Business Case qklinker: a digital housing corporation in the Netherlands

Jan Veuger, D. Koeken

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As already stated, making progressive decisions in the current market organization is complex. In view of the exponential growth of digitalization and the related possibilities such as the modernization of service, it is crucial to be able to act completely freely. This implies, among other things, that no restrictions are imposed on the past. This includes, for example, current processes, tenant expectations and the current ICT landscape. Therefore, it was chosen to gear up and crystalize these ideas in the form of a start‐up. An all‐new, digital corporation, powered from the smartphone. This offers the opportunity to start with a sharp digital vision and the pursuit of a future‐proof Mitros. This new startup will be incorporated under the name qlinker.
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StatusPublished - apr. 2018
EvenementAmerican Real Estate Society (ARES) - Florida, United States
Duur: 10 apr. 201814 apr. 2018


ConferenceAmerican Real Estate Society (ARES)
Land/RegioUnited States


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