Bio digester: anaerobic methanogenesis

Marten Bullema, Hans Hulzen, Melvin Keizer, Gerlof Pruisscher, Martin Smint, Helene Vincent

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    As part of the theme 13 and 14, our group have to realize a project in the field of the renewable energy. This project consist of the design of a bio-digester for the canteen of Zernikeplein. Gert Hofstede is our client. To produce energy, a bio-digester uses the anaerobic digestion, which is made of many processes where bacteria break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. The organic garbage, like kitchen waste, are fed into the bio-digester with a small amount of water. We designed the bio-digester according to the specifications of our client, our teachers, some companies we met, and our own ideas. The bio-digester is built by ourselves, even if we ordered some parts of it. Therefore, this project made us creative because we had to design and to build. It also permitted us to use our skills gained the previous years of our studies.
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    UitgeverijHanzehogeschool Groningen
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    StatusPublished - 2014


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