Objectives to explore attitudes, perceptions, and perceived barriers to and the perceived facilitators of daily oral health care and the actual daily oral health care performances among nursing home staff. Methods A mixed methods study in 21 nursing homes was completed; a) questionnaires for nursing staff and managers; b) focus group interviews with nursing staff. Results 409 (21%) questionnaires were completed by nursing staff and 14 focus group interviews organized. Conclusions attitude was not a barrier in this study, while oral care was not performed according to guidelines. Nursing staff reported a lack of products, while toothbrushes are available. The most frequently mentioned barriers were lack of support of dental staff, oral care for clients with cognitive impairment, and a lack of education. Increasing facilitators could be; more (practical) education combined with tailored advice from internal dental staff. Where and on whom will the research have an impact? Nursing home staff, nursing home organizations/ managers and dental professionals working in nursing homes.

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