Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: Autonomie

Elisa Kupers, Linda Hendriks

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The concept of autonomy has received considerable attention in both –philosophy and psychology. From the perspective of philosophy, autonomy refers to self-governance of one’s actions. In psychological theory, the focus has been more on human beings striving to experience autonomy and self-determination. In this entry, we will examine the elusive concept of autonomy from different theoretical angels and focus in particular on how autonomy emerges through social interactions and how it develops over the course of the lifespan. We will pay special attention to the role autonomy plays in creativity and the exploration of the possible.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageAutonomie
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StatusPublished - 3 feb. 2022


  • autonomie
  • sociale interactie
  • creativiteit
  • mogelijkheden


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