Anthocyanin's power

Slava Kulchenko (First author), R.J.F. van Haren, V.I. Deineka

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Anthocyanins do not have a toxic effect, they are safe for humans, and they are of interest as natural dyes. They are used in the food industry, cosmetics, perfumery and medicine. Nowadays, the question of the use of anthocyanins in solar cells is being widely considered. Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) has attracted much attention as a new promising solar to electric convertor because of its low production cost, easy fabrication, more environmental friendliness compared to silicon or perovskite solar cell.
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StatusPublished - 14 okt 2019
EvenementDyenamo DSSC : Second conference - Uppsala, Sweden
Duur: 14 okt 201915 okt 2019


ConferenceDyenamo DSSC
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