An autonomous induction generator system with voltage regulation

Gilberto CD Sousa, Felipe N Martins, Joost P Rey, Johannes A Bruinsma

Onderzoeksoutput: Contribution to conference proceedingAcademicpeer review


This paper discusses an Induction Generator (IG) system that provides regulated voltage at any load condition. It utilizes the classical self-excitation principle but, in addition to that, it makes use of a current regulated PWM inverter to control the output voltage magnitude. It is primarily intended for micro hydro plants to be used in rural areas, where the cost of conventional distribution system is high, and the water resources are available to drive an unregulated low hear turbine. The proposed topology is presented, followed by an analysis of the control structure. The methodology is validated via simulation studies.
Originele taal-2English
Titel4th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems. IEEE PEDS 2001-Indonesia. Proceedings (Cat. No. 01TH8594)
StatusPublished - 2001


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