Algaefinery: isolation of algal oils from algae

Nanne Brattinga, Folkert Faber, Jasper Geertsema, Monique Schoondorp, Bert Knol, Tom Wijers, Frits Zandvoort, Wouter Jan van den Berg, Herman Schutte, Jan Peter Nap

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Bitumen is a highly valued and much used roofing material, but as an oilbased, non-renewable product, bitumen is now no longer sustainable. In response to this growing need to produce more sustainable construction materials, Icopal bv, Algaecom and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences collaborated on the study to replace part of the fossil oil by Algal oils.
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StatusPublished - 14 nov 2013
EvenementDomein Applied Science Conferentie 2013 - Utrecht, Netherlands
Duur: 14 nov 2013 → …
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ConferenceDomein Applied Science Conferentie 2013
Verkorte titelDAS 2013
Periode14/11/13 → …
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Brattinga, N., Faber, F., Geertsema, J., Schoondorp, M., Knol, B., Wijers, T., ... Nap, J. P. (2013). Algaefinery: isolation of algal oils from algae. Postersessie gepresenteerd op Domein Applied Science Conferentie 2013, Utrecht, Netherlands.