A viable real estate economy with disruption and blockchain

Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: Een wendbare vastgoedeconomie met disruptie & blockchain

Jan Veuger

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    Two titles in one cover. On page 56-112 there's the English version of the book: 'A viable real estate economy with disruption and blockchain.
    Does real estate still have the value that it had, or is the valuation of real estate
    going to change due to surprising products and services, innovative business
    models, other market strategies, innovative ways of organizing and managing in
    (real estate) markets? Innovation revolves around good facilities in an attractive and stimulating environment. Take disruptive real estate. The driving forces behind these developments are new technology, manoeuvrability, a different way of organization and management. These forces greatly influence the valuation of real estate.
    Blockchain, a distributed database that maintains a growing list of data
    items and that is equipped to deal with manipulation and counterfeiting, plays an
    important role here. Notaries and realtors have already encountered this during the recent period, and it will have further impact on property owners, financiers, users, builders, realtors, notaries and the land registry.
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageEen wendbare vastgoedeconomie met disruptie & blockchain
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    StatusPublished - 17 okt. 2017


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