A screenplay approach to simulate social impacts of technology in health care practices

Jantine Bouma

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Designers have grown increasingly interested in social consequences of new technologies. As social impacts become increasingly important it might be fruitful to understand how social impacts develop and how a designer can anticipate these consequences. In health care practices, for instance, it is important to control unintended social impacts at forehand. Social impact is an outcome of the mediating effect of a technology with its social environment. Human behaviour in a social environment can be analysed from the perspective of a social ecological system. To anticipate social impacts simulations of social practices are needed. To simulate practices the persona approach has been adapted to a screenplay approach in which the elements of a social ecology are used to gain a rich description of a social environment. This has been applied for a 'Heart Managers' case. It was concluded that the screenplay approach can be used for a systematic simulation of future social impacts.
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TitelProceedings of the 4th Participatory Innovation Conference 2015
RedacteurenRianne Valkenburg, Coen Dekkers, Janneke Sluijs
ISBN van elektronische versie978-90-73077-66-9
StatusPublished - 2015
EvenementParticipatory Innovation Conference (PIN-C) 2015: reframing design - The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague, Netherlands
Duur: 18 mei 201520 mei 2015


ConferenceParticipatory Innovation Conference (PIN-C) 2015
Verkorte titelPIN-C 2015
StadThe Hague
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