A research-based profile of a Dutch excellent facility manager

Anke Roos-Mink, Johan Offringa, Esther de Boer, Marjolein Heijne-Penninga, Mark P. Mobach, Marca Wolfensberger

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Purpose - This paper aims to establish the profile of an excellent facility manager in The Netherlands.Design/methodology/approach − As part of a large-scale study on profiles of excellent professionals, a study was carried out to find the key characteristics of an excellent facility manager. Three panel sessions were held in different regions of The Netherlands. Sixteen facility management (FM) professionals with various work experiences participated in the conversations, led by a non-FM moderator. All material was recorded, transcribed, and labelled independently by three assessors. The concept profile that was derived from these analyses was administered in a survey twice to FM experts following a Delphi method.Findings – Outcomes suggest a combination of the following five characteristics defines an excellent facility manager: he or she (1) possesses communication skills; (2) acts results-oriented; (3) is entrepreneurial; (4) is sensitive to the needs of the organisation; (5) demonstrates personal leadership.Paper_Profile Excellent Facility ManagerAll characteristics were consistent with the nine FM Bachelor competencies of the Dutch standard (LOOFD). However, regarding the fifth domain (personal leadership), the observed profile of an excellent FM professional seems more challenging than the Dutch Bachelor standard.Practical implications − The observed profile can be used to further strengthen the Dutch (Honours) Bachelor Programmes in FM. Exploring international (dis)similarities, possibly leading to an international profile of an excellent facility manager, is a future ambition.Originality/Value − This study describes the systematic design of a research-based profile of an excellent FM professional from a practice point of view.
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TitelEuroFM Research Papers 2016: 15th EuroFM Research Symposium
RedacteurenS. Balslev Nielsen, P. Anker Jensen
UitgeverijEuroFM: European Facility Management Network
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StatusPublished - 2016
Evenement24th European Facility Management Conference (EFMC) 2016: enhancing people and business - Milan, Italy
Duur: 8 jun. 20169 jun. 2016
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Conference24th European Facility Management Conference (EFMC) 2016
Verkorte titelEFMC 2016
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  • facility management
  • professionele excellentie


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