A regional biogas infrastructure, prospects for the biogas grid

Evert Jan Hengeveld, Wim van Gemert, Jan Bekkering, A.A. Broekhuis

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A model to describe biogas transport costs in a regional grid is presented. In the model biogas is collected to a central location by transport through dedicated pipelines. Costs have been calculated for two different lay-outs of the grid i.e. star and fishbone lay-out. The costs depend on the covered area and the size of the digesters. Model results show that in a star layout transport costs for small scale digesters are much higher than costs for large scale digesters and costs in a fishbone lay-out are lower than costs in a star lay-out.
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StatusPublished - 2014
EvenementEuropean Biogas Conference 2014 - Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands
Duur: 30 sep. 20142 okt. 2014
Congresnummer: 2nd


ConferenceEuropean Biogas Conference 2014
Verkorte titelEBA Conference 2014
StadEgmond aan Zee


  • biogas
  • infrastructuur
  • kosten


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