Background: Direct support professionals’(DSPs’) attitudes toward nutrition are important for supporting a healthy lifestyle of persons with intellectual disabilities. However, there are no instruments to measure it. The aim of this study was to compose a questionnaire and determine its internal validity.
Method: The previously validated Health Enhancing Physical Activity questionnaire was adapted into the Attitude of DSPs for Health Enhancing Nutrition (ADSP-HENU) and completed by 31 DSPs. The internal validity of the questionnaire was investigated by Cronbach’s Alpha and an exploratorynon-parametric item response analysis (NIRT).
Results: The internal consistency by Cronbach’s Alpha was good (0.87, 95% CI [0.81–0.94]). NIRT showed monotonicity with wide confidence bounds and sufficient point polyserial correlations of the items. This indicates that each attributes to the overall measured attitude.
Conclusion: The internal validity of the ADSP-HENU is promising, and it can be used in daily practice for evaluation or adapting interventions to DSPs’ needs.
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TijdschriftJournal of intellectual & developmental disability
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StatusPublished - 16 okt. 2022


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