A Prospective Validation Study of a Rainbow Model of Integrated Care Measurement Tool in Singapore

Milawaty Nurjono, Pim P Valentijn, Mary Ann C Bautista, Lim Yee Wei, Hubertus Johannes Maria Vrijhoef

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INTRODUCTION: The conceptual ambiguity of the integrated care concept precludes a full understanding of what constitutes a well-integrated health system, posing a significant challenge in measuring the level of integrated care. Most available measures have been developed from a disease-specific perspective and only measure certain aspects of integrated care. Based on the Rainbow Model of Integrated Care, which provides a detailed description of the complex concept of integrated care, a measurement tool has been developed to assess integrated care within a care system as a whole gathered from healthcare providers' and managerial perspectives. This paper describes the methodology of a study seeking to validate the Rainbow Model of Integrated Care measurement tool within and across the Singapore Regional Health System. The Singapore Regional Health System is a recent national strategy developed to provide a better-integrated health system to deliver seamless and person-focused care to patients through a network of providers within a specified geographical region.

METHODS: The validation process includes the assessment of the content of the measure and its psychometric properties.

CONCLUSION: If the measure is deemed to be valid, the study will provide the first opportunity to measure integrated care within Singapore Regional Health System with the results allowing insights in making recommendations for improving the Regional Health System and supporting international comparison.

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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Integrated Care
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StatusPublished - jan. 2016
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