A process mining approach to analyse user behaviour

Laura Maruster, Niels R. Faber, Rene J. Jorna, Rob J. F. van Haren, J Cordeiro (Editor), J Filipe (Editor), S Hammoudi (Editor)

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Designing and personalising systems for specific user groups encompasses a lot of effort with respect to analysing and understanding user behaviour. The goal of our paper is to provide a new methodology for determining navigational patterns of behaviour of specific user groups. We consider agricultural users as a specific user group, during the usage of a decision support system supporting cultivar selection - OPTIRas(TM). Combining process mining techniques with insights from decision making theories, we provide a method of analysing logs resulted from usage of decision support systems. For instance, farmers show difficulties in fulfilling the goal of OPTIRas, while other agricultural users seems to manage better. The results of our analysis can be used to support the redesign and personalization of decision support systems.
Originele taal-2English
UitgeverINSTICC publishing
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Plaats van productieLisboa, Portugal
ISBN van geprinte versie978-989-8111-27-2
StatusPublished - 2008


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