Sport, Physical Education And Coaching in Health (Co-financed by Erasmus+/Sport of the European Union, 557083-EPP-1-2014- 1-NL-SPO-SCP)

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Main goal of the Sport Physical Education And Coaching in Health (SPEACH) Project is to increase awareness and behavioural change in sport professionals and European citizens towards an active and healthy lifestyle.Sedentariness and physical inactivity are a cross-national problem. Therefore, the Project builds upon a strong collaborative-partnership to contribute in solving this problem on the European level and to increase sport and physical activity participation. To achieve this, the project will develop HEPA related educational modules, which will be included into existing education structures in the areas of sport coaching and physical education (PE), in order to stimulate pupils, young athletes and adults towards an active and healthy lifestyle.An innovative aspect of the project is the diversity of partners involved. The consortium consists of ten organizations and actors from seven EU countries in the field of sport, PE and health. The partners involved are national and international sports committees, sport federations and higher educational institutes in the field of sport, PE teacher education and health. Finally, the project is strongly supported by the European Network of Sport Science, Education & Employment (ENSSEE).
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Developing health enhancing physical activity modules for higher and vocational education participants

van Vuuren-Cassar, G., De Martelaer, K., Skovgaard, T. & de Jong, J., 2017, ICERI2017 Proceedings . 1 blz.

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Health-enhancing physical activity approach in developing study modules in "Sport, physical education and coaching project (SPEACH)"

Gruodyte-Raciene, R., Cikotiene, I., De Martelaer, K., Leistra, S., Skovgaard, T., van Vuuren-Cassar, G., Lo-A-Njoe, J., Petry, K., de Jong, J. & Ruthauskaite, R., 2017.

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