Lokale initiatieven voor koppelkansen tussen versterken en verduurzamen in het aardbevingsgebied

Project: Research



​The project focuses on the social boundary conditions for taking action on sustainability measures in the earthquake region, in particular the willingness of homeowners to invest in their houses and to take action collectively as a community. In cooperation with local energy cooperatives and local stakeholders we will be able to create realistic and achievable solutions based on peoples' needs and preferences.

Key findings

Project goals: Come up with solutions for combined seismic strengthen- ing and sustainability measures based on social boundary conditions Gain insight in homeowners' willingness to move into action for sustainability measures Explore and expand the role of local energy cooperatives in the strengthening operation and sustainability measures. Using a bottom-up approach by co-creation with local stakeholders
Korte titelKoppelkansen
Effectieve start/einddatum1/09/171/09/19

Samenwerkende partners

  • Hanze (hoofd)
  • Energie Initiatief Kantens (Project partner)
  • Lopster Energie Coöperatie (Project partner)
  • Stadscoöperatie Eendracht (Project partner)


  • koppelkansen
  • dorpen
  • verduurzamen