Feasibility study Typha

  • Oostra, Mieke (PI)

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Within the framework of resource efficiency it is important to recycle and reuse
materials, replace fossil fuel based products with bio-based alternatives and avoid
the use of toxic substances. New applications are being sought for locally grown
biomass. In the area of Groningen buildings need reinforcement to guarantee safety
for its users, due to man-induced earthquakes. Plans are to combine the work
needed for reinforcement with the improvement of energy performance of these
buildings. The idea is to use bio-based building materials, preferably grown and
processed in the region.
In this study it is investigated whether it is feasible to use Typha (a swap plant) as a
basis for a bio-based insulation product. In order to start the activities necessary to
further develop this idea into a commercial product and start a dedicated company,
a number of important questions have to be answered in terms of feasibility. This
study therefore aims at mapping economic, organisational and technical issues and
associated risks and possibilities. On the basis of these results a development
trajectory can be started to set up a dedicated supply chain with the appropriate
partners, research projects can be designed to develop the missing knowledge and
the required funding can be acquired.
Effectieve start/einddatum1/11/171/05/18

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