The Northern Netherlands (NN) finds itself at the junction of all the big transitions. Digitalisation is essential to follow through with these. Considering this, our region has the potential to make sizeable progress if it can successfully roll out widespread digitalisation. As a hardcore transition economy, the NN may even join the European frontrunners and act as an example for other regions. It is from this challenge that the NN will start with the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH NN). We have chosen to specialise in the area of Autonomous Systems, which includes multiple digital technologies that are relevant for the four transitions in the NN: (1) Smart Agro, (2) Smart Manufacturing, (3) Life Science and Health and (4) Utilities, Built Environment and Mobility. In the first three-year EDIH NN wants to support more than 750 companies and lay the foundation for long-term support of all companies. The following building blocks for EDIH NN are: • A Brokerage network that will identify issues regarding digitalisation and relay these to Solution Providers (high TRL) and knowledge providers (low TRL). • A Test Before Invest network (test and demo facilities) comprising 20+ organisations that will invest in Autonomous Systems within their domain, and collaborate towards becoming a European testing ground. • A Smart Factory Accelerator to strengthen the digital maturity of companies. • An Empowerment programme to strengthen companies in the areas of DEP Technologies: Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. • An approach based on High Performance Computing to make digitalisation more accessible. • The Smart Makers Academy: A programme aimed at matching supply and demand around digital skills, based on individual learning outcomes. • A Funding Readiness programme to help companies that need to invest for their digitalisation strategy, in finding funding opportunities. • A network to stimulate supply and demand around Autonomous Systems
Korte titelEDIH
Effectieve start/einddatum1/11/2231/10/25

Samenwerkende partners

  • Hanze
  • N.V. NOM (hoofd)
  • FME ondernemersorganisatie voor de technologische industrie
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • NHL Stenden Hogeschool
  • IPF (Innovatiepact Fryslân)


  • Digitalisation
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Life Sciences and Health
  • Built Environment
  • Mobility
  • Smart Agro