Erasmus+ sport - Motor Activity Training Program for persons with severe or profound intellectual and multiple disabilities

Project: Research



The central aim of this project is to increase the participation of people (all ages) with severe multiple disabilities (PIMD) in the field of sport, exercise and physical activity, by expanding the number of coaches and organizations who offer a Motor Activity Training Program in a professional and custom way.

This aim will be achieved by the following activities:
- Creating a more appropriate and varied offer of sport, exercise, and physical activity to increase the choice of the PIMD target group.   
- To develop a curriculum for MATP Coaches and Trainers (PE Teachers, Physical Therapists, etc).   
- To implement, test and contextualize a PIMD offer in 3 EU countries, this will be done with local stakeholders.  
- Strengthening the connection between sport, education and health care organizations to enable participation of the PIMD people in the field of sport, exercise, and physical activity.  
- Consortium members create a European network and exchange knowledge, including through best practices  

Effectieve start/einddatum15/01/2314/01/26

Samenwerkende partners

  • Hanze (hoofd)
  • Gehandicaptensport Nederland
  • Special Olympics Ireland
  • Special Olympics Slovakia


  • Inclusive
  • Sports
  • Physical activity
  • people with PIMD