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The ELLAN is a Lifelong Learning Programme project funded by the European Commission for the period September 2013 – September 2016. The consortium included 26 partners from 25 countries in Europe. The ELLAN project promotes European cooperation and exchange of innovation and good practice related to the ageing population and to the educational preparation of those professionals in health and social care that work with older people. The desired outcome of the ELLAN project is a better quality of higher education related to the care and services of people in later life. The project includes several research based workpackage with the main project result being the "European Core Competences Framework for health and social care professionals working with older people". The project directly targets educators and management staff at the partner organizations and other higher education institutions in Europe. The indirect target groups are the students, professional communities and older people themselves.
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  • Competences
  • Health and social care
  • older people


Older people: improving health and social care: focus on the European Core Competences Framework

Dijkman, B. (redactie), Roodbol, P. (redactie), Mikkonen, I. (redactie), Hobbelen, H., de Greef, M., Werkman, A., Weening-Verbree, L., van der Werf, F., Beenen, P., Zuidersma, J., Buskens, E., Stallinga, G., de Ruiter, H., Turjamaa, R., Aijo, M., Ylinen, E-R., Soares, C., Marques, A., Arola, M., Kukkonen, T. & 11 anderen, Luttik, M. L., Finnema, E., van 't Veer, J., Vogt, T., Liefbroer, A., Reijneveld, M., Bultmann, U., Henkens, K., de Rooij, S., Sourtzi, P. & Sarla, E., 2019, 1 redactie Springer International Publishing. 284 blz.

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  • Competences for working with older people: the development and verification of the European core competence framework for health and social care professionals working with older people.

    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: Competenties voor het werken met ouderen in zorg en welzijnDijkman, B., Reehuis, L. & Roodbol, P., 28 jun 2017, In : Educational gerontology. 15 blz.

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    Caring for older people

    Bea Dijkman (Speaker)
    6 okt 2016

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    23rd Nordic Congress of Gerontology (23 NKG) Tampere

    Bea Dijkman (Speaker)
    22 jun 2016

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