Certificate of Research Excellence (CORE) 2023

  • van Dellen, Sjoukje (Recipient)

Prijs: National/international honour


The Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) is pleased to announce the Certificate of Research Excellence (CORE) recipients for 2023. CORE recognizes rigorous and impactful practice-based research that sparks innovation and promotes best practices in environmental design.

The credibility of academic research is typically judged based on well-established protocols and peer-review processes, but what constitutes research quality in the context of the practice of environmental design? The tools used to assess academic research do not easily translate to practice-based research – a challenge for researchers and practitioners alike. In response, EDRA developed CORE to assess the value of research beyond rigor alone.

EDRA CORE’s unique evaluation framework identifies practice-based environmental design research that is not only rigorous but also meets industry challenges, pushes the boundaries of practice, recognizes the importance of research in practice, and builds on EDRA’s tradition of inquiry, reflection, and collaboration.
Mate van erkenningInternational
Toekennende organisatieEnvironmental Design Research Association (EDRA)


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