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Experimental characterization of masonry wall metal tie connections in double-leaf cavity walls

Arslan, O., Messali, F., Smyrou, E., Bal, I. E. & Rots, J., 15 okt 2019, (Submitted) In : Construction & building materials. 39 blz.

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Monitoring of a historical masonry structures in case of induced seismicity

Bal, I. E., Smyrou, E., Dais, D. & Sarhosis, V., 2019, (Submitted) In : International journal of architectural heritage . 19 blz.

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Numerical modelling of energy dissipative steel cushions

Gullu, A., Smyrou, E., Khajehdehi, A., Ozkaynak, H., Bal, I. E., Yuksel, E. & Karadogan, F., 7 feb 2019, In : International journal of steel structures. 19, 4, blz. 1331-1341

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Behaviour of steel cushions subjected to combined actions

Yüksel, E., Karadoğan, F., Özkaynak, H., Khajehdehi, A., Güllü, A., Smyrou, E. & Bal, I. E., 1 feb 2018, In : Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering : official publication of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering. 16, 2, blz. 707-729

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External jacketing of unreinforced historical masonry piers with open-grid basalt-reinforced mortar

Mezrea, P. E., Yilmaz, I. A., Ispir, M., Binbir, E., Bal, I. E. & Ilki, A., 2017, In : Journal of Composites for Construction. 21, 3, 16 blz.

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Wavelet analysis for relating soil amplification and liquefaction effects with seismic performance of precast structures

Smyrou, E., Bal, I. E., Tasiopoulou, P. & Gazetas, G., 1 jun 2016, In : Earthquake engineering and structural dynamics. 45, 7, blz. 1169-1183

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FRP versus traditional strengthening on a typical mid-rise Turkish RC building

Smyrou, E., 2015, In : Earthquake and Structures. 9, 5, blz. 1069-1089

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Seismic behavior of two exterior beam-column connections made of normal-strength concrete developed for precast construction

Yuksel, E., Karadogan, H. F., Bal, I. E., Ilki, A., Bal, A. & Inci, P., 5 sep 2015, In : Engineering structures. 99, blz. 157-172

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Sectional response of T-shaped RC walls

Smyrou, E., Sullivan, T., Priestley, N. & Calvi, M., aug 2013, In : Bulletin of earthquake engineering. 11, 4, blz. 999-1019

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Ground motions versus geotechnical and structural damage in the Christchurch February 2011 earthquake

Smyrou, E., Tasiopoulou, P., Bal, I. E. & Gazetas, G., 2011, In : Seismological research letters. 82, 6, blz. 882-892

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P25 scoring method for the collapse vulnerability assessment of R/C buildings

Tezcan, S. S., Bal, I. E. & Gülay, F. G., 2011, In : Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers. 34, 6, blz. 769-781

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The influence of geographical resolution of urban exposure data in an earthquake loss model for Istanbul

Bal, I. E., Bommer, J. J., Stafford, P. J., Crowley, H. & Pinho, R., aug 2010, In : Earthquake Spectra : the professional journal of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. 26, 3, blz. 619-634

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A comparative study of European earthquake loss estimation tools for a scenario in Istanbul

Strasser, F. O., Bommer, J. J., Sesetyan, K., Erdik, M., Cagnan, Z., Irizarry, J., Goula, X., Lucantoni, A., Sabetta, F., Crowley, H., Bal, I. E. & Lindholm, C., 2008, In : Journal of Earthquake Engineering. 12, 2, blz. 246-256

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Correlation between detailed and preliminary assessment techniques in the light of real damage states

Gülay, F. G., Bal, I. E. & Gökçe, T., 2008, In : Journal of Earthquake Engineering. 12, 2, blz. 129-139

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Detailed assessment of structural characteristics of Turkish RC building stock for loss assessment models

Bal, I. E., Crowley, H., Pinho, R. & Gülay, F. G., 2008, In : Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering. 28, 10-11, blz. 914-932

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Displacement-based earthquake loss assessment for an earthquake scenario in Istanbul

Bal, I. E., Crowley, H. & Pinho, R., 2008, In : Journal of Earthquake Engineering. 12, S2, blz. 12-22

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Seismic amplification at Avcılar, Istanbul

Tezcan, S. S., Kaya, E., Bal, I. E. & Ozdemir, Z., 2002, In : Engineering structures. 24, 5, blz. 661-667

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