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Renewable energy needs innovative professionals!
It is one of the biggest challenges for the near future: the transition to a sustainable society, which is based on the use of clean energy sources. On a large scale, new solutions and new approaches are needed. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) is the leader in applied research into renewable energy. It is one of the universities of applied sciences where students from various disciplines are trained in energy education and are involved in research into energy matters.

What can you do in Renewable Energy during your study programme?
At Hanze UAS, you can specialise in New Energy during your study programme, by taking an 'energy track' consisting of a combination of components from your own study programme, components from other study programmes and learning activities from the Energy Academy Europe. Upon completion of the energy track, you will receive an energy certificate.

European Masters
Together with leading European Universities, EUREC Agency has developed the European Master in Renewable Energy and the European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management​ that merges business and technology in the field of energy. Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) became member of the EUREC consortium and started these master programmes in September 2012 and September 2015, respectively. ​


  • Sustainable LNG Technology
  • Energy and Law
  • Energy and Management
  • Power and Energy Distribution
  • Energy Transition
  • Life Sciences & Renewable Energy
  • Communication and Sustainable Society
  • (New Business Development Energy - Former organisational unit 01/01/15)


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Biogas Engineering & Materials Science
Sustainable development Engineering & Materials Science
Gases Engineering & Materials Science
Websites Engineering & Materials Science
Methane Engineering & Materials Science
Gas supply Engineering & Materials Science
biogas Earth & Environmental Sciences
Biomass Engineering & Materials Science

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Bouw, K., van der Schoor, T. & D'Souza, A.


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10.000 Duurzame Huishoudens

Annen, M. & Wiekens, C.


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Understanding the urgency and complexities of the energy transition through serious gaming

Ouariachi Peralta, T. & Elving, W., 7 nov 2019, Conference Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on e-Learning. ACPI, blz. 461-466 6 blz.

Onderzoeksoutput: Contribution to conference proceedingAcademicpeer review

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Verslag provincie Utrecht: We-energy game Houten

Przybyla, M. & van Veen, R., 6 dec 2018, Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

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Juliana Montoya Cardona (Recipient), 24 jun 2017

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EnTranCe: Centre of Expertise Energy

Jan-jaap Aué (Speaker)
6 mrt 2019

Activiteit: Oral presentation

EnTranCe: Centre of Expertise Energy

Jan-jaap Aué (Speaker)
11 mrt 2019

Activiteit: Oral presentation

Off the gas grid? Should we abandon the gas grid and if so, when?

Ted Wildenberg (Invited speaker)
17 apr 2019

Activiteit: Oral presentation


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