pyPaSWAS: Python-based multi-core CPU and GPU sequence alignment

Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: pyPaSWAS: Een op Python-gebaseerde multi-core CPU en GPU sequence alignerWarris, S., Timal, N. R. N., Kempenaar, M., Poortinga, A. M., van de Geest, H., Varbanescu, A. L. & Nap, J-P., 1 jan 2018, In : PLOS one. 13, 1, 9 blz., e0190279.

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Development of proximal arm muscle control during reaching in young infants: from variation to selection

Bakker, H., de Graaf-Peters, V. B., van Eykern, L. A., Otten, B. & Hadders-Algra, M., feb 2010, In : Infant behavior & development. 33, 1, blz. 30-38

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Covariation bias for social events and signs of (dis)approval in high and low socially anxious individuals

de Jong, P. J., de Graaf-Peters, V., van Hout, W. J. P. J. & van Wees, R., jun 2009, In : Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry. 40, 2, blz. 359-373

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Development of postural control in typically developing children and children with cerebral palsy: possibilities for intervention?

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Does early intervention in infants at high risk for a developmental motor disorder improve motor and cognitive development?

Blauw-Hospers, C. H., de Graaf-Peters, V. B., Dirks, T., Bos, A. F. & Hadders-Algra, M., 2007, In : Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews. 31, 8, blz. 1201-1212

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Specific postural support promotes variation in motor behaviour of infants with minor neurological dysfunction

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The Kozijavkin method: giving parents false hope?

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