Bridging Differences

  • Louis Polstra (Creator)
  • Desiree Klumpenaar (Contributor)
  • Lex Veldboer (Contributor)
  • Meta de Lange (Contributor)
  • Sabrina Keinemans (Contributor)
  • Marianne Potting (Contributor)



The aim of the research project Bridging Differences was to increase knowledge about how to shape effective case consultation between social workers and social service case managers. Which components of case consultation promote the integral cooperation between social workers and these case managers? The survey was carried out by four Communities of Practices Social Domain. Each Community investigated 6 to 8 case histories. The case consultation were recorded and transcribed for qualitative analysis. Each Community analyzed its own case consultations, in which codes and the coding process are determined in consultation with the other researchers. The different variants of the case consultations were introduced into the meta-analysis. Which components of the case histories are most beneficial?
Datum van beschikbaarheid5 mrt. 2021
UitgeverHanze University of Applied Sciences
Tijdelijke dekking2018 - 2020
Datum van data-aanmaak2018 - 2020
Geografische dekkingAmsterdam, Roermond, Weststellingwerf


  • sociaal werkers
  • sociale zekerheid
  • locale overheidsmedewerkers
  • communicatie
  • overleggen
  • frame theorie

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