WORM in the neighbourhood

Activiteit: Oral presentation


WORM, Institute for Avant-gardistic Recreation, wants to strengthen its position in the neighbourhood (Cool-Zuid, Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and its relationships with the residents. It carries out a number of projects for that reason. In their research Janna Michael and Evert Bisschop Boele (Erasmus University Rotterdam) study these projects using ethnographically inspired methods, to find out what they mean for the residents and the participating artists.

Together with Janpier Brands (director of WORM) the researchers will present the ’WORM in the Hood’ case and discuss it with you. One of the questions is the relation between what is happening at WORM and the concept(s) of Community Art. The session is meaningful for artists, researchers, policy makers, and all others interested in culture participation.
Periode19 okt. 2018
EvenementstitelSharing Arts and Heritage
LocatieLeeuwarden, Netherlands
Mate van erkenningInternational


  • cultuurparticipatie
  • dialogische relatie
  • buurten
  • wederkerigheid
  • cocreatie