• Coumans, A. (Speaker)
  • Bibi Straatman (Speaker)
  • Anna Trapenciere (Organiser)

Activiteit: Participation in workshop, seminar, course


Not Knowing
In light of the crisis which is currently in the making, we are all confronted with uncertainty. Unexpectedly, we are face to face with a reality that previously seemed so easy to escape via plans, calculations and predictions. As we rediscover our situations and at times drown in the deep seas of uncertainty, tonight we invite a group of artists with a profound interest in inhabiting the space of not-knowing.

A search in which 'not knowing is encountered as an opening in the fabric of what is known, which requires a reciprocal openness, receptivity to its potential'; a choice that also means one needs to 'tolerate the slight discomfort or anxiety' caused by it. This evening is the performative result of previous encounters (themselves unstable situations) between artists, researchers and philosophers. With jointly developed and presented dialogues, they will invite the audience to come along and seek contentment in not knowing, while avoiding getting lost in the immediate Here and Now.
Periode2 dec. 2020
Mate van erkenningNational


  • ecologie
  • economie
  • onzekerheid