Paul Wagstaff commemorate lecture

Activiteit: Invited talk


Paul Wagstaff Commemorative Lecture 2019
Prof. dr. Hans Hobbelen
Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the Netherlands

Physiotherapy and Frailty
For a physiotherapist it can be difficult to use the term frailty in relation to the physical condition of a patient. We should focus on improvement of that physical state as further analysis of the total health status is not expected. Frailty is, however, an important concept in the care of older people. Most often the definition of Fried et al 2001 is used which is clinically driven and focusses on physical components and incapacity, but frailty is determined not only by disability and comorbidity. Frailty is far more complex. Frailty is a decline in reserve capacity due to the normal ageing process and is accelerated by diseases and medication. This lecture will address the concept of frailty and the benefits and drawbacks of this concept in everyday life.
Periode9 sep. 2019
Gehouden opIrish Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Ireland
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  • Frailty
  • physiotherapy
  • older people
  • exercise