New ‘full scale’ monitoring method for (subsurface) stormwater infiltration to protect groundwater, long term (hydraulic) efficiency of SuDS in The Netherlands

Activiteit: Oral presentation


Management of sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) for retention and infiltration is an example of an approach that complies with climate adaptation. Next to the implementation of surface infiltration facilities (swales), in the densely populated Dutch cities most infiltration facilities are sited under roads and pavements located in or just above the groundwater level. Compared to infiltration at surface level, the environmental risks of subsurface infiltration are presumed to be higher because of anaerobic conditions in the surrounding soil. Although subsurface infiltration systems are widespread in The Netherlands (, little knowledge is available about their long-term hydraulic and environmental performance, maintenance requirements and expected life span
Periode27 sep. 2019
Evenementstitel46th IAH Congress
LocatieMalaga, SpainToon op kaart


  • klimaatadaptatie
  • watermanagement