Negotiating play entry in after school centers

van der Schaaf, N. (Speaker), Jan Berenst (Speaker)

Activiteit: Oral presentation


The goal of my PhD is to analyse socializing practices of peers from 4-8 in after school centers en study the role of caretakers in the socializing practices. My main focus is on how children socialize each other whithin a setting that is changing every day. When we know more of the children’s social life in after school centers, we are able to coach caretakers to become better in supporting the children. In this paper I will demonstrate how children from 4-8 in after school centers are requesting for participation in an existing group of peers, how they are refused, how they are holding on and might be accepted in the end. I will show:
- how children are preparing, in a multimodal way, a request for participation;
- how children elaborate on the existing participation framework to include a new participant.
- how children continue to set conditions and the request keeps hanging.
Periode8 dec 2014
Gehouden opHanze University of Applied Sciences


  • onderwijs
  • sociologie
  • buitenschoolse opvang